I’m Guilty…

of consuming way too much wine in the past 3 weeks….

of spending too much money on things that I shouldn’t be spending money on (winecoughcoffeecoughshoescough)….

of having too much fun on Monday nights….

of pretending i’m not actually 23 years old but more like 6…

of breaking into my bedroom last night after somebody forgot the keys (opps)….

of wasting too much time on pinterest…

of listening to Backstreet Boys Pandora station (amaz)…

of researching puppies cause i’m actually *this* close to buying one…

of eating ice cream for my dinner sunday night…

and i’m oh-so guilty of loving it all.


7 thoughts on “I’m Guilty…

  1. You make me smile and wonder and think and care and cry. I have all this bad stuff going on with dear friends, and I know not why, but somehow, your words and that wonderful voice and smile and laugh behind that voice speak to me and reassure me somehow.

    • Maddie- Thanks for this wonderful comment….I hope everything turns out with all of your friends. In my prayers 🙂

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