Sista sista

It was my sisters bach party this weekend. This was my favorite picture of all of them.

I think it sums up our relationship to a T. (minus the wiener thing. SO inappropriate!) 😉

P.S. I wanted to do a big fat post tonight but I got in a fight with the gorilla glue so each time I type, my fingers stick to the keys. And now there is glue and green paint all over my computer.

My life is a <creative> little mess. And I love it.

The End.



5 thoughts on “Sista sista

  1. okay, obviously there’s a certain male instinct Preventing me from Not clicking on a wordpress tag thumbnail image of two attractive girls and some phallic item to see what this is really all about. You win.

    on another uninteresting note, before writing my most recent post last night/today I had to look up “to a T” to find out what the hell it meant before I included it in my own post… and even after that generous 30 seconds of phrase research I couldn’t tell you why we use it.

    continue your courageous fight with gorilla glue and let us know who’s winning

  2. This is such a great picture! Will you email it to me? I love how it looks like I’m a creeper holding a big penis and you’re holding a champagne picture…so funny.

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