Here’s what I realized about puppies while I was puppy sitting last night.

1.) They chew everything.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Shoes, necklaces, hair, earrings, carpet, stairs, railings, couches, toes, glasses, chairs, other dogs, hands, rings, cell phones, water bottles, computers, pillows, cords, books, the fireplace, sun glasses, string, and the list goes on the on. The only thing they don’t chew…their chew toys. Go figure.

2.) You can’t not talk to puppies in a normal voice. Automatically I started speaking in a baby voice and was her calling things like “turkey”. Why? I have no idea. I caught myself calling her a turkey and realized how strange it was. Thank god no one heard me 😉

 Clearly, she’s not a turkey and she doesn’t even resemble a turkey.

3.) Did I mention they chew everything?

2011-08-12 17.40.17

“What? I’m a hungry turkey!”

2011-08-12 17.42.55






“Mmm you taste good too!”


“Are those your favorite Tiffany earrings? Here, let me get them for you. Nomnomnom”

2011-08-12 20.10.24

“”I has a big fat belly so I can eat all these marvelous treasures!”

I die. Cutest thing ever. The end.


7 thoughts on “nomnomnom

  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    CUTEST PUP EVER!!!!! By the way, I absolutely love the new blog. It looks fantastic! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh that is the sweetest little pup! You wondered about the poster I posted on my blog (… a gal left a comment on where to find it and another added a coupon! total score. It’s at:

    “For those interested in purchasing the poster, it is available at Use discount code ‘newfriend’ and get $5 off the poster.”

    All my best!

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