the martini that wasn't

This weekend I tried something new.


I tried to be a “grown-up” and drink an adult beverage.

An extra dirty martini.

I will never order this drink again. Or try to be a grown up ever again either. My body shuddered when I took the first sip and each sip after that was worse than the one before. We passed the drink around until it was gone and gobbled up the olives at the end.

Dear Extra Dirty Martini-

I hope we never meet again. Or at least not until I’m a 70-year-old grandma.


your biggest fan



3 thoughts on “the martini that wasn't

  1. Haha this is awesome. Dirty martinis are so nasty. We were at a wedding last year and I thought, “Gosh. Now that I’m an adult maybe Bacardi Razz and Sprite isn’t cool. Maybe I’ll order a martini.” Big, huge mistake. Never again will I think that I’m an “adult drinker”.

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