Quarters don’t actually count…

Sometimes I lie to myself in order to justify something that I may or may not feel guilty about.

Example- This is the conversation I had with myself this morning:

“Gosh, I really need a Starbucks before work.”

“No, I don’t need one. Plus, it’s too expensive. Save your money. Your so freakin broke low on cash.”

…(spot change jar in the corner of my room…wheels start turning)

“If I pay for it all in change, it doesn’t really count. Change isn’t actually money.”

Proceed to empty out all my change, grab all the quarters I can find and drive to the nearest Starbucks asap.

Tell the lady I’m sorry I only have change and smile extra wide as I hand over two handfuls of quarters.

(really, though, im not sorry…cause change isn’t actually money.) 😉

Sigh. The things I do for love coffee…




8 thoughts on “Quarters don’t actually count…

  1. haaha. I SO agree.. whenever I pay for something in change, I actually feel like I’m scratching something off my to-do list like cleaning out my drawers. Not spending money.

    I also always smile extra big so they don’t get upset with me. 😉

  2. This is a flaw you learned from your parents….dad leaves all his change on the dresser and I take it all and get stuff like coffee too….cuz its like free money:) Maybe you should be checking his dresser before me:)

  3. Haha I definitely do that too! I also treat myself because I went to work all week and it’s “Friday”. We deserve it after working all week!

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