Hi Scatterbrain fans! I’m Lisa from a little blog called I’m an Okie. It’s a fun and honest blog about my life. I blog about food and fitness, but most importantly my quest for healthy relationships, loving myself, and working through life’s daily struggles. I pride myself on holding nothing back on my blog and I strive to write honest posts about all of the ups and downs in my life.


When Caitlin asked me to write a guest post, I jumped at the chance. Her blog is unique. Her blog is interesting. Her blog is different. It’s not the sometimes-boring mundane posts about food—it’s a blog about life, life, and words to live. (Plus, I LOVE all the super cute pictures with quotes in them. I will be going through her blog and pinning them to pinterest VERY soon).

As I was thinking of something that would be a wonderful post for Caitlin’s blog…I kept coming back to one topic.



Her blog is about life, correct? I know that patience can be one of the hardest virtues to possess in life.

We want it all and we want it now.

That constant wanting and not receiving can wear us thin. I know it can wear me thin.

Patience is really something I struggle with. I consider myself a big “go-getter.” I decide what I want, I formulate a plan on how to get it and I put the plan into action. Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am.

However, sometimes it’s not that cut and dry. Sometimes you want things you cannot have. Sometimes you will receive something in your life but it’s just not the right timing for you. That’s where patience comes in.


I’ve learned that patience is one of the hardest virtues for us to understand. We pray to God and we know that He is able to help us at any minute–so why is there so often a delay? Why won’t he just GIVE it to us? It would certainly make our lives easier, wouldn’t it?

However, it never says in the Bible that He promises INSTANT answers to our prayers. He simply promises that the answered prayers will be amazing, but sadly, there is nothing to be found about a timetable.

Remember, there is a reason behind everything. Whether you believe it’s God doing work or something else entirely—it all boils down to the same thing.


He has his reasons. Perhaps our needs are being prolonged because there is something we need to learn and making us exercise patience is the only thing that will accomplish that. Perhaps they are being prolonged because He is doing work in the life of someone else who is involved in our situation.

It could be many things.

Remember…if you are waiting for something that you want to happen in your life…there must be a very good reason.

If we can learn to exercise faith and patience, the wait will be rewarded.

His timing is always perfect. Comforting, right?

You don’t have to believe to God to believe that having patience is in our best interest.

What can we do to increase our patience? Practice makes perfect, so it only makes sense that we can practice our patience.

Zen Habits offers some great tips to cultivate this virtue.

1. Become aware of when you lose your patience: Keep tally marks. When it happens, mark it down. Once you are aware of your impulses, they can be easier to control.

2. Figure out your triggers: What really sets you off? Certain triggers happen more often, so focus on getting those under control.

3. Deep Breaths: Take 3 deep breaths. Slow down. It will help you keep your emotions under control.

4. Remember what’s important: Is this issue really going to be important 5 years from now? Think about it.

5. Remember that nothing good happens right away. Let things happen. Let life fall into place.

6. Figure out ways to deal with frustrations: Exercise, take a walk, bake…do whatever works for you.

And when all else fails…

Just Laugh. Just Love.

Thanks Caitlin for letting me occupy your space today!

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