Some days

I’m having an off week…shoot! One word could describe this day- BLAH. There’s no reason I just had a really blah day.

I’m a little confused if I’m in the right place with what i want to do for my career. I won’t go into it but I’m just not sure.


I went for a walk to try to clear my head. I actually stopped on the sidewalk and asked god what he wants me to be doing with my life. I need some answers here Mr.!

He answered me by giving me a call from one of my best friends. My mood is 100% better and I’m inspired to get some things in my “dream” world going. 🙂  Whatever that means, I’m not entirely sure yet. But it’s a start!

I don’t feel much like blogging tonight but i will share this quote I found that I really liked. Isn’t this such a strange little time in life? If I could really follow my life passions I would be a full-time blogger and write about cake and fitness. Right now that’s just not happening but just maybe someday. 😉

Rocks break, everything changes, even when you think you’re sure, especially. To be fair, if I was one of the fates looking down at the best laid plans of dumb little people, probably see mine and want to mess with them too. You wanna know about me in 500 words? I get scared sometimes, I’m disappointed, I have doubts and I love gettin’ my way. I don’t like change but I know its good for me and inevitable, so I welcome it as best I can. There’s a poem by Yoham Framm that says it better than I will ” Defy the old dragon, defy fear. The world may rage and quake, but I shall remain singing in perfect peace.” Yeah things happen, things you don’t expect, or want, or like. The world rages and you become someone you didn’t know you’d ever be. And there you are, in your clothes, in your life, this is my future, this is me. This is me and I want things I never thought I would, I want the possibilities a school like princeton can afford. A place to grow, meet new people, a place for surprise when life turns out to be nothing I imagined… and to be grateful for it. In perfect peace. -Everwood

Q: What is your ultimate dream “job”? Are you pursuing it and if so, how did you get there?


7 thoughts on “Some days

  1. Your quote describes me perfectly…I don’t know what I want to do with my life! I don’t even have a dream job unless actress counts…I’d love to be an actress but I’m not pursuing it because I was never serious enough about acting to even go to school for it. Or a professional blogger, food critic, desperate house wife and laster stay at home mom, the list of jobs that sound fun goes on and on… But I have a year to get myself together before entering the real world!

  2. I just added you to my Google Reader. 🙂 I love your shtuff.

    I STILL DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WHEN I GROW UP. maybe one day I’ll figure it out. 😉

  3. Lovely post. I have a passion that I’d love to pursue. I feel all sorts of confused and disorganized with how to approach it (and completely saddened with huge debt from 2 degrees and a profession i despise).

    Your blog is great and u are so pretty.

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