Today I saw the cutest thing. I’ll try to tell the story the best I can, but really, you just had to be there to witness this little bit of joy. I was getting into my car and noticed a school bus letting of a little boy at home. He must have been in kindergarten and was in the morning class (aww…remember those good old days?). The little boy came flying off the bus stairs, in a little yellow rain coat whaling his arms in the arm rejoicing, “Yaaaaa Maria!” Then he stopped at his front door, looked at the bus and gave the bus driver a big, bold fist pump in the air before heading in the house. I can’t explain why this made my day but it did! I’m so glad I witnessed this little glimpse of Joy- Whatever this little boy was so pumped about just made me laugh! I wish you could of all experienced it but since you couldn’t I am sharing some Happy with all of you! Smile

Enjoy! Oh and Happy Tuesday!









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