Fill in the blanks

I decided to pretend to be  “grown-up” and order some business cards because that is what grown-ups do. Business cards= grown-up.

Correct? Correct.

Fail. I wish I would have turned my brain on when I decided to make these because then this wouldn’t have happened. I put the wrong phone number on the card. This actually doesn’t even surprise me so I’m not that upset about it. I ordered these cards late one  night when I was rushing around and of course, I didn’t double-check anything. When these came in the mail yesterday, I read the phone and had to think, “Is that my number?!”. No Caitlin, it’s not. Scatterbrain. So my options are three things: 1.) White-out 250 business cards and write the right number on them 2.) Reorder the damn business cards 3.)Order business cards when I’m 24 and a little more “grown-up”. I think I’ll go with option 3 2.

Also, remember when I posted about early morning workouts? Yeah, well these last 2 weeks have not been going so well. Last week, I went after work which was fine but this morning was just a big joke.

I basically just walked around a lot, still half asleep and got a workout from climbing on and off the weight machines. I actually had my eyes closed while I was doing squats.  Whateve- tomorrow’s a new day right? Sidenote- this weekend I remember why I don’t partake in drinking alcoholic beverages a lot. My body hurts. Workouts are painful. I may or may not still be dealing with a hangover…I kid, I kid. But seriously, HOW to people go out every weekend? I’m a grandma and I don’t care if I ever go out again (until next weekend) ;).

Fill in the blanks…okay I will 🙂 One of the best things about blogging is filing out this stupid  great questionnaires. I mean, who doesn’t like to ramble on about themselves?

1.   I am currently obsessed with   

Peanut butter toast with a sliced banana, cinnamon and flax seed on top

Running-  It’s always a run/hate relationship

 Green mint gum 🙂

2.  Today I am    excited   because  it is almost April, which means we are closer to summer AND means this boy will be home SO soon.

I C A N T W A I T!!!

3.  The age I am is    23     and the age I feel is  about 14. This is because most everyone I meet thinks I am between the ages of 12-18. What gives? I think it’s my chubby cheeks, I look the same as I did when I was 4; except I’m a little taller. Also, it might be my breast size,I have the chest of a 8 year-old boy.   Seriously though, I do still feel really young. I think I will just always feel young. This will most likely come in handy when i’m 40.


4.  My favorite place is     the bookstore. I love going to a bookstore- I can spend hours just browsing books and drinking coffee.  

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is   usually I would have all kinds of answers for this but since homework is not a thing in my life anymore I actually don’t have an answer. Let me think…I’ll get back to ya.
6.  The last thing I purchased was     a pack of green gum at work this morning. It made my morning. I really do love gum.

7.  The thing I love most about my home is  Maddie.

 G’night- my bed is calling!

Fill in the Blank: What have you been procrastinating?


13 thoughts on “Fill in the blanks

  1. I am putting off work. I was supposed to work at home on Tuesday, but due to homework and life, I have yet to accomplish anything. And…I once put the wrong email address on my resumes..that I handed out at a career fair. That was pretty bad. People also think that I am younger than I am. Everyone says that I’ll appreciate it one day 🙂

  2. The better question for me is what I’m not procrastinating on doing! Well, I guess that’s not completely true. For whatever I keep putting of getting my taxes done! I don’t know why, seeing as I sure could use my refund … who knows. Hopefully I get ’em done soon… maybe next week 😀

  3. Me being the thick person that I am had to look up the meaning of procrastinating. Kor I’m dense. Anyway the thing I’m putting off or procrastinating is learning my lines for a play that I’m doing.

  4. I’m always procrastinating for some type of school project or homework, always. I also agree with number 3, I’m 21 and people are endlessly asking me which high school I go to.

  5. aww I love this girl 🙂 I always procrastinate doing homework and for some reason this week has been the worst- its just causing me more stress and i need to get my butt in gear right! I’m def 24 but act like i’m 5..90% of the time 😉 haha! have a great thursday pretty girl! xo

  6. Hey, you have business cards…thats more grown up than me! I’m 24 and I seldom act my age – 24 is such a boring age.

    Extra Spearmint gum…the only gum worth buying!

  7. I’ve been procrastinating doing my taxes. I used to do them without fail first week of February every year…last year I fell off the wagon and waited until March….I’d best get to it tonight or I’ll be into April this year!!

  8. WHAT a cute post! I love how open you are and really love the design of your page. It is adorable; just as adorable as that picture of your boy. I think I am a 23 year old who looks like I am 19 (or so I have been told) so it is okay to look young- it only means we will look better as we age 🙂

  9. I think the age thing happens a lot. 🙂 I get the “You’re 23? You’re too young to be married” comment all the time.

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