I love- 90s throwback

>Beware: world’s longest post.
I saw this on a different blog after she posted things she loved from the 90s in honor of February and love. I saw her post about Rocko’s Modern lifeand couldn’t resist. Watching this video gives me the weirdest feeling, I actually am laughing watching it! It just brings me back to sitting on the couch with my sister eating cheez-its and watching these stupid shows! Okay my version of 90’s throwback (AKA things I remember from being little):

Clueless: this was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I can’t believe my mom let me watch it! I remember I used to watch it and think what does that mean? Now, I know what THAT means. Inappropriate. I used to want to wear what Cher wore- the long socks and short skirts, come on. In elementary school we used to play Clueless on the playground. I was always Deon and this boy I liked was Murray. We used our calculators as cell phones. This was also when I got my first call home for “chasing” boys on the playground. I cried and was grounded.
Devon Sawa. I used to have a poster, right above where I slept (bottom bunk), with kiss marks on the poster. I think I discovered my love from him after his debut in the movie Casper. My sister’s laughing if shes reading this. Sidenote: he slightly resembles me?
Self-explanatory. I have seen them in concert 3 times and have tickets to go see them again this summer. I still listen to their music and have all their CDs on my Ipod. No shame. My crush was always Nick- I must have a thing for blondes.
Pogs. (Pieces of Garbage). I just remember having really thick, heavy ‘slammers’ was the way to go. Total domination.
Overalls- one strap up, one strap down. I wore overalls until my freshman year of college when someone called me out on it. I wish they were still in style. No joke. I’m bringing them back once I start popping out babies.
Tomagotchi. I had a dark purple one. Pretty sure these were banned from school because there was no OFF button. Mine n e v e r shut up.
Beanie Babies! This was a toy created by the devil- I remember hearing stories about moms trampling one another at hallmark because their child NEEDED  ‘punches’ the lobster or doby the dog.
Did anyone else love wear these? If not, I’m so embarrassed.
What is this “toy” even called?! I hated it then and still do. If this toy hits you on that little bone of your ankle your out for the month! O U C H!
I used to watch this show with my babysitter…ruined me for life. And yes, I am still afraid of the dark.
Oh wow- my heart just filled with joy. Teddy Ruxpin!!! I carried him everywhere… I think he weighed about as much as me because of his battery pack. Love. I used to kiss him on his little felt mouth.
Polly pocket. My sister and I would buy tick-tack boxes and “drown” Polly pocket in them.
Okay I’m stopping. I could go on forever. Wow- 1.) I have WAY to much time on my hands 2.) I have WAY to much time on my hands 😉
…i’m still laughing about the overalls and saddle shoes.

5 thoughts on “I love- 90s throwback

  1. >OMG girl LOVE your post! You could link it with mine so we can share one another's post!! haha! I LOVED SPLAT (what a horrible game haha) and DEVON SAWA! Did someone say "LITTLE GIANTS"! Sooo funny! great great great post!

  2. >Skip it. That's what that evil toy was called! I remember really liking that toy, until it hit me on the ankle. So painful!And I totally remember your Devon Sawa poster with the little kiss marks. He strangely does look like you…weird.

  3. >I remember thinking Devon Sawa was pretty dreamy, but nobody held a candle to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I was completely obsessed with him in middle school. My wall was covered in photos of JTT.I agree that the Skip It was terrible, but the most annoying thing for me was that even as a kid I knew the counter on it wasn't working correctly.Cute blog!-Kira

  4. >Hi! I just stumbled on your blog through Mugs & Pugs. I LOVE this post. The picture of the polly pockets really took me back. 🙂 Also, I am a TOTAL fan of overalls and seriously am trying to bring them back!

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