Remembering Moses

Today the washing machine flooded. All over the first floor. Like everywhere. I, along with my 5 other roommates were not to thrilled about it BUT it did bring up a great college memory that I hope I never forget. Moses. I say the word and my body shivers. Moses was our pet rabbit my roommates and I decided to get one day because we felt like having a pet and what could be better than a cute white rabbit?  Wrong. So so so wrong. At first, Moses was a great pet. He actually acted like a dog- he listened well, cuddled and was really quite adorable. Then he grew up… fast. Who knew that a rabbit could get as thin as a piece of paper, sneak under bedroom doors and eat absolutely everything in sight?! We learned quick. One night, Moses was out and about roaming in the upstairs hallway like usual. I was asleep but my two other roommates were awake working on projects. For the longest time, we had this inside joke about there being a ghost in the house because creepy things would happen so we would blame it on the “ghost”. This one random night I get a bang on my door at about 4:00 am, “Are you in the shower right now?” (roommate to me). “Um no, I’m in here sleeping?”. I got out of bed to see what the fuss was all about. I opened the door to my two roommates looking down the hallway towards the bathroom like they had seen the “ghost”. They said the shower had been running for about 30 minutes, and they thought it was me in the shower but soon realized it wasn’t. I looked at the bathroom and sure enough steam was billowing out of the door and  sounded like the water was running. Someone was in the shower, and it wasn’t one of us, so who was it? My immediate thought was a murderer, or worse, the GHOST. First, my roommates tried to get me to pull open the shower curtain to see who/what was inside. I said hell-to-the-no am I going in there to see who’s waiting to get me. We all grabbed one another, flipped on the bathroom light and were shocked to see a flooded bathroom with a bunny (alive) floating around on the floor. Moses had decided to eat through the sink pipes (this was what was making the shower sound) and flood the entire upstairs bathroom/hallway. First, I think we were all so relived it wasn’t a murderer/the ghost and second, I don’t think I’ve seen 3 girls move so fast to clean up a mess. I’m pretty sure I chucked Moses out in the hallway, then ran downstairs to see if the water had soaked through (rough on the memory, I think I blacked out in panic mode of “what if the bathtub falls through the floor and crushes another roommate?!”  The water had managed to leak all the way to the basement level. It was 4 a.m. and we were trying our hardest to not wake any of our roommates because no one actually approved of Moses and now I understood why.We cleaned up the mess and made up a lie about the pipes. We told our landlord the pipes just randomly broke. He believed us. Swear. Lesson learned- never ever will I get a rabbit again or ever will I let my children have one. Ever. Moses was returned to the store about umm 24 hours after the incident. Hopefully he’s in a better place where he can eat all the &%!* he wants. RIP Moses. The bunny from hell.


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