The dreaded email

This is kind of a funny story, KIND OF. So for my whole college career I have been worried about getting this one email, and whelp I finally received it, 3 weeks before graduation…go figure. Ever since freshman year we have had to attend a day called advisement day where basically you meet with your advisor and program director to figure out your schedule so someday you can graduate and NEVER get this email. I remember my professors telling horror stories about the kids that were just about to graduate and then received an email saying they were a credit short or whatever the case. I promised myself I would never be that kid. Wrong. It’s funny, I used to joke to my friends saying things about getting that email like weeks before graduating and then….not. Not so funny now. So checking my email the other day I got THE email. Dun dun dun. It basically said oh hey, you actually aren’t graduating cause this one class you signed up for actually doesn’t count towards your major, have a good day. Reasons why this made me so mad:
1.) It’s 3 weeks until I am scheduled to graduate- could you not have sent that email out hmm say a year ago?
2.) The email was sent so non-chalant. No red font, no bold type face, nothing!
3.) I called the man who emailed me and he semi yelled at me and told me to calm down. Calm down?! I reached through the phone and strangled him after that comment
After being kind of mad about the whole situation I thought about it and found it a bit funny only because I have always talked about getting this stupid email and then it actually happened. Now it’s funny. Things are getting straightened out and I find out if I graduate in a few days. Also, today I got a 100% on my English paper in this class that is holding me back from graduating. I didn’t even know professors gave 100%? I like it. So even if this class will be the reason I don’t graduate, at least I got an A on my paper today :). Off to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and try to accomplish some work. Oh college I wont will miss you when your gone.


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