Good Weekend

I had a very nice, relaxing weekend. Thursday night I went to one of the best concerts I have ever been too. The band is called Cloud Cult and it is one of those bands you HAVE to see in concert. Should I  go as far as saying seeing them in concert is life changing? GASP! I think so! I was actually so content during the hour and a half of the concert I kept thinking I didn’t want the moment to end. It was great. This is one of my favorite songs by them. I cried during it, and for like half of the concert. It was that good.
Other great things that happened that night was spending time with my older sister, who actually looks younger than me and its pretty funny. I think we both got carded over 10 times in 2 hours. This got old really fast. We also enjoyed a wonderful slice of chocolate cake that was heavenly and some decaf coffee while everyone else was consuming alcoholic beverages, cause were cool like that. Saturday my mom and I went on the Christmas tour of homes, a tradition we have done since I was really little. Maybe this is where my love for interior design came from? Some of the houses were so beautiful, I think if I could do residential interior design for the rest of my life I would be very happy. One of the ladies was an artist who had some really amazing work.
This one of the grandma is my favorite. I wonder what the story behind it is? It kind of looks like my Nana, but then again I’m sure it looks like a lot of peoples grandmas: grey hair, glasses, wrinkled skin- sure fits the stereotype of an everyday grandma. I would love to have an “artsy” job like say, being an artist. I always tell people that when I become a grown up (27 days from today…shit!) that I want to move to Italy and paint wine glasses. Usually, after I admit to this, the room erupts with laughter and I think people assume I’m joking. But no, I actually am being 100% serious. In Italy, they start their mornings with a bottle glass of red wine and pretty sure they always manage to get a nap in. Oh and their diet consists of pizza, bread, pasta and did I mention wine? Yeah, sign me up! A girl can dream.

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