My thoughts on canned pumpkin

I love fall as much as the next person, actually probably even more. It is definitely my most favorite season. I try to embrace it in everyway because it is such a quick and glorious time of year. I have been reading a bunch of blogs where they put pumpkin in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. So of course I had to buy some canned pumpkin to see what all the fuss was about. The canned pumpkin was worse than the sugar cookie tea. I thought it would taste exactly like my grandma’s pumpkin pie-wrong! First, it smelled horrible but I just pretended that it
didn’t gross me out (first lie to myself) then I took a taste test and thought, “ok, not SO bad” (lie number two)…then I tried to make pumpkin
“oatmeal” and needless to say the canned pumpkin went straight intothe trash along with my appetite. Eww. If I never have canned pumpkin again in my whole life I will be happy.

Tastes as bad as it smells.


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